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Hi  [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 17th September 2012

Quote for the week

"Advice is what  we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn't"

Erica Jong 


Even after over 30 years in Real Estate I have moments of truth, realizations, understandings that make my job easier.

Calling 50 auctions a month on site is a great experience and I get to work with some awesome realtors and meet such a variety of buyers and sellers.

After you hear the same thing 50 times a month you get desensitized a little to the normal vendor Protests:

"We don't have to sell!"

"We aren't in a hurry!"

"If we don't get $XXX XXX we'll keep it and rent it!"

"But the agent appraised it at $XXX XXX!" 

"Look, we are not giving it away!"

I love it when the clients say that! I have two phrases that help to make them understand that despite their inflated ideas of value (And 3rd party advisors who always know best), now it is time for a reality check.

"So why are we here?" then wait for an answer.


"I am so pleased to hear you are a normal vendor! You know most other sellers also start off with the same approach to me. It's good to know there is no pressure on you! Can I ask you again, Why are you selling?"

Simply await a response as you need to move the responsibility of choosing whether it sells or not to your client. It is their house! It was their marketing! It was their decision to go on the market!

If you have followed the process and done a thoroughly professional job, don't take these protests personally. Expect them. It's a good sign!  

Respect your client's statements of protest. It's a sure sign there is motivation, so continue with the process!

The year end looms and you will want to make sure of 3 things:

1. "My Verifiable 10 Hours are done."

2. "My Non-Verifiable 10 hours are done."

3. I know what's coming next in real estate. This is absolutely vital for you in 2013!

I am on a mission to help!

To help out with questions 2 and 3 I am doing a final tour of NZ for 2012 with Three Hours Non-Verifiable Training.

Use this to make up your hours or simply join in to be Motivated, informed and ready to end your year on a high! Only $89 each including GST. 

Yes get the latest tips on Prospecting, Listing, Marketing, Closing the Sale and hear what's coming NEXT! Yes get ready for the coming changes! 

Dates and Towns so far are: 

Session 1: Whangarei Tues 16th Oct.

Session 2: Auckland Wed 17th Oct

Session 3: Tauranga Thurs 18th Oct.

Session 4: New Plymouth Tues 23rd Oct

Session 5: Palmerston North Wed 24th Oct

Session 6: Napier Thurs 25th Oct

Session 7: Gisborne Fri 26th October

Session 8: Wellington Wed 31st October

Session 9: Christchurch Thurs 1st November

Limited spaces so book now. Visit and select REGISTER FOR COURSES and book on-line.

 Any questions please give me a call. Need  a session in your town? We can help.


Two sessions of 5 hours in Auckland. These are your last opportunity for 2012 if you have not yet got this completed. $149+gst includes both sessions.

Session 1: Topics 1 - 4  Wednesday Nov 14th

Session 2: Topics 5 - 8  Wednesday Nov  28th

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