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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 22nd October 2012

Quote for the week

"To give without expectation is the only true act of generosity!."

Jacqui Kalka

GIVING IS A GIFT! And the smile you get back is another gift.

So often I come across realtors who are stressing about the need to make a sale, to list a new property for sale! They anxiously try too hard, they search day and night and all too often come back empty handed.

There is also the joy of seeing others who are prospering - they seem to have an endless flow of new listings, simply coming to them, which they gratefully receive. THANK YOU!

These properties also seem to sell smoothly!  THANK YOU!


Yes there could be a skill and effort/energy factor which contributes to the difference, however I often sense there is another factor.


The sense of grattitude and generosity that is in these winning people.

Yes there are some financially successful realtors who don't fit this model, but a growing number certainly do.


I had a personal example of this on Friday when Jacqui and I visited a service providor we know very well. Both our cars were being serviced that day and we called in to drop off the first one.

Our friend looked rather stressed and sad and we were able to get her to share her worries.

When we returned to collect the first car, and drop off the second one, Jacqui took her a lovely bunch of flowers.

The smile on her face was a delight. It was still there later in the day when I called to collect my car.


The remarkable thing was, that when we went home after droppIng her the flowers, it was only five minutes and there was a knock on the door.

There was the lovely PA of a successful realtor, with a lovely gift for us as a thank you for something we had done for her.


Not expected, not anticipated, not required, but a gift. THANK YOU!


Learn to receive, learn to give without expectation and be prepared to embrace that which you receive.


Grattitude will always bring faster results than trying "too hard".


Have a great week - give a gift when you see the chance to light someone's day!


Have a truly awesome week being the very best you can be!


Take this last opportunity to do two things: 

1. Make sure you have completed your TEN Hours of NON Verifiable Training

2. Be aware of what's coming next in real estate. This is absolutely vital for you in 2013!

I am on a mission to help!

To help out with questions 2 and 3 I am doing a final tour of NZ for 2012 with Three Hours Non-Verifiable Training.

Use this to make up your hours or simply join in to be Motivated, informed and ready to end your year on a high! Only $89 each including GST.

Yes get the latest tips on Prospecting, Listing, Marketing, Closing the Sale and hear what's coming NEXT! Yes get ready for the coming changes!

Dates and Towns remaining are:


New Plymouth Tues 23rd Oct  at Auto Lodge Devon St

Palmerston North Wed 24th Oct at Travelodge, Cuba St

Napier Thurs 25th Oct at War Memorial Centre, Marine Parade

Gisborne Fri 26th October at Emerald Hotel


Christchurch Thurs 1st November at Burnside Rugby Club

Limited spaces so book now. Visit and select REGISTER FOR COURSES and book on-line.

Any questions please give me a call. Need a session in your town? We can help.


Two sessions of 5 hours in Auckland. These are your last opportunity for 2012 if you have not yet got this completed. $149+gst includes both sessions.

Session 1: Topics 1 - 4 Wednesday Nov 14th

Session 2: Topics 5 - 8 Wednesday Nov 28th

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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