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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 29th October 2012

Quote for the week

"The goals that matter are those that allow you to embrace things that really do matter to you!"

Ian Keightley


Over recent weeks we have shared with so many of you, the need to focus on our income goals in this pre-Christmas period.

It's only a short time! It's not a lifetime focus!

It's just a short-term focus so it's not too threatening!

It has worked for us too.

I am calling 50-60 auctions a month and November will be a record with nearly 70 auctions. My week days are fully occupied training and coaching those who want  to soar and that is working too.

My wife Jacqui has had 7 unconditional contracts in 9 days and listed 5 new auctions, with more to come.

Yes we are focused, committed and supportive of each other!  

Yet this week we have realised there is a lot more to this than the need to simply  produce.

This week we have had the pleasure of welcoming Jacqui's brother and wife from Perth.

As many of you know, he has faced challenges with the removal of 2 brain tumours in the last year and the third tumour is shrinking.

I too have a sister in law facing her challenges with cancer. We all know someone who faces challenges like this every day!

The last few days, and especially this evening have been a celebration.

We were able to arrange a surpise dinner at our home with our Australian guests/family  and invite Jacqui's brother and sisters to spend time with their brother whom they had wanted to see since his illness.

Our reward was simply seeing their JOY and their emotional response, so happy simply seeing their brother and spending time together.

What was awesome was the fun time they have spent together tonight. No one was ill. No one was sick. All were happy and excited. It was great to witness. Our phones were off. We were present. So why do we work so hard?

Simple: so we could have times like this!

Our goals are important and they provide the opportunity to embrace moments we truly value.

It was a reminder that yes we need to focus on our goals and yet remain true to the things we value.

That makes the hard work all so worthwhile!


Have a truly awesome week being the very best you can be!


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