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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 18th February 2013

Quote for the week:

"A salesperson's urgency to make a sale, reduces their value to their vendor!"


Ian Keightley


Time and time again we see real estate salespeople running round and round after buyers who demand they show them the new listing NOW!

It matters not which type of market you are in!

Too keen to show, too keen to sell?

You can never negotiate a higher price when you JUMP to the buyers demands.

I am going to suggest you try one or both of these strategies and take control back from the buyers.

When you list your next property, have a strategy to make the buyers work to your clients and your time frames.

1. Restrict viewing. Only available for viewing e.g on Wednesday's at 4pm and weekend open homes.

2. A brand new listing goes up on the internet early. Even as much as 10 days before viewing is possible. "New listing. FIRST VIEWING is not until 1.00pm Saturday (say 10 days away). The buyers will fit in easy. So who protests?

Only your colleagues. Especially those who have no or few listings! They are so keen to make a sale. Tell them to get a new listing first!.

Take control!

The best way to double your income is to sell your own listings. That's why you convinced your seller that marketing is important.

Yet we have to give in to colleagues who can't list and don't believe in marketing.

I say take control!

Tell ALL the buyers, including your colleagues buyers, when they can view your new listing!

You did the hard work!

Make sure you are given the respect and value you are worth and your seller gets the best exposure to competing buyers. Do not tolerate bullying pressure from colleagues who want to look after their favourite buyer! 

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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