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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 11th March 2013

Quote for the week:

"Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others."

Robert Louis Stevenson (1850 - 1894)


After over 32 years in real estate I feel I have a reasonable understanding of how this business really works!

In recent times we have had a major change in legislation, which many have embraced and simply got on with their job.

In my view that is to simply:

List property.

Market Property.

Educate Vendors.

Treat Buyers with fairness.

Sell Property.

Build a proud professional reputation.

Generate Preferrals.

Have a life!

To me, that's what we were doing before the new legislative regime came along!

Now it apears so many want to complicate it, or to in the words of some people; "They are out to get us!"

The new legislation doesn't have that intent. In my view the new legislation does the following:

It brings consumer legislation into the Code of Conduct. This legislation existed pre REAA and there should really be no change. 

It sets out a clear set of rules and code of conduct that we need to operate within.

It gives the consumer, and licensees, an avenue to make a complaint when they feel they have just cause. Yes there are some frivolous complaints, but they get dealt with appropriately.

The consequences for licensees who are found guilty of unsatisfactory conduct or misconduct have increased markedly.

It's very simple!

To suceed long-term in real estate you need to WORK WITH THE RULES, HAPPILY!

Spend this week being the best you can be, whatever it is you decide to embrace!


TOMORROW IN AUCKLAND: still a few places available!

 VERIFIABLE TRAINING done early, easily and out of the way? And for a crazy $125 incl gst.

I have had requests from many licensees to provide an open session for those licensees who want to get their Verifiable Training for 2013 completed early. Get it done now and relax and focus on listing and selling the rest of the year.

A crazy fee of only $125 gst inc. (You have to print the material which we supply)

So here is a simple and cost effective opportunity!

Initially in Auckland and Christchurch

(I will present in other centres at this price if you can get 30 attendees and arrange a venue. Call me on 09 6277222 to discuss dates etc).

Why such a crazy low fee? Simply because I don't see any good in taking advantage of something you've go to do! I'm in a generous mood this week. My role in this is to help you not just get your Verifiable done, but to add value to you in practical applications and related stories.

My fee is usually $189 per person gst incl. Groups/offices by arrangement.

This fee only applies to the sessions listed below or to group sessions as detailed above.

Auckland: March 12th and April 9th (you must attend both sessions)

Christchurch: March 26th and April 23rd (you must attend both sessions) 

Only these dates at this price!

Book now at and select register for courses.

Limited spaces at this price so get in NOW! I guarantee you will learn heaps, have fun and take care of your Verifiable Training requirements - nice and early too.

2. TWO day AUCTIONEERS WORKSHOP is Auckland APRIL - 16th and 17th.

$695 incl gst. This is perfect for new, beginning or those auctioneers wanting to build their confidence and skill. 

This is 2 days of giving you a simple pattern or organisation for your auction call, improving your "patter" and understanding what is really appropriate. Book now at

3. Two day, high pressure course on Winning Listings, Selling VPA and AUCTIONS for ambitious realtors ONLY.

This has been delayed until May 8th and 9th and is only in Auckland.

$595 incl gst.

This is for those who really want to excel. Not for the faint-hearted. This is an "all Out" two days! Book now at

These are fascinating times and we need to excel to win so book now! 

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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