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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 2nd April 2013

Quote for the week:

"Tradition is the Illusion of Permanence!"

Wooy Allen


I just love the exciting challenge of change, the innovations of those who seek to make a success of their business, who seek an advantage through innovation and new strategies.

Real Estate is no different. From new Laws and Rules, new technology  and the challenges of market dynamics, we see a great many changes occuring and many more to come.

This is a business in a huge change mode and often this is hidden under the radar by market dynamics, such as the increased activity seen in Auckland and Christchurch, which is now spilling over in to some of the provivial centres too.

It is easy too to see how many players simply hang on to established strategies, beliefs and traditions.

How long you have been in business only counts if your brand is never damaged and your market strategies continually adapt.

The Traditions that continue to hold value are: integrity, honesty, focus, recognition, hard work, service and being a guardian of the brand.

These values are still relevant in this new millenium which we are only 13 years into,   yet the way we transact business has changed immensely since it began.

There are always people looking for an advantage, a new strategy, an edge, to make a mark, to gain more business, to challenge traditions and current paradigms.

This is called INNOVATION.

It is a challenge to every traditionalist!

The "Attacker" uses Innovation as their tool.

Traditionalists can be heard saying:

"That won't work here."

"They won't last!"

"We tried that once."

"No, no we need to keep doing that because it has always worked."

"We have been around for XX years." etc

Take a look at everything you do in your business, that you have brought from

LAST CENTURY and ask yourself if it will defend your business from Innovators.

For those who take an honest look, there will be much change to implement immediately!

That's why we accept that "Tradition is the Illusion of Permanence"! 

Have a truly awesome week being the best you can at what you choose to do! Remember,

"Your excellence is acceptable! What INNOVATIONS are you adopting this week?

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Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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