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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Tuesday 4th June 2013

Quote for the week:

"I would rather be accused of breaking precedents than breaking promises."

John F Kennedy (1917-1963) 


I often see brands and offices trying to grow market share and profitability (Not always assured that market share will mean greater profitability though) by being bigger. By that I mean more salespeople and/or more offices.

Well three sporting events in recent days gave me anoither good cause to look at this strategy and how it is used as a marketing tactic with consumers.

1. The Auckland Blues, from our largest population base played the Highlanders from a sparsely populated area by comparison. And the Highlanders won. So size counted for nothing. David beat Goliath!

2. Our New Zealand Cricket team played England twice in 50 over games over the weekend and won both of them easily. There is no need to tell you which country has the biggest population or pool of professional cricketers. David beat Goliath again!

Real Estate can be much the same, and often is!

You see, all too often, size is mistaken for talent, skill, focus, passion and execution. In each of the events above the focus, passion and execution was with the team with less apparent resources, HOWEVER they came out on top.

So bigger is not always better and with what I am seeing in the market place, the assumption that bigger is better, will win me business, is diminishing in reality.

You see, the impact of the internet makes everyone equal, the internet doesn't sort by brand. It answers the consumers queries, not bothering to filter by brand. So any licensee with skill, focus, passion and execution, can create fabulous business results!

It's best not to worry about HOW MANY!

Best that you focus on HOW WELL!

Have a truly awesome week being the best you can!  


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