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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 1st July 2013

Quote for the week: 

"An imagined fear, is only that, imagined!

Ian Keightley 


Yes face the lion! We all have those moments where we have things we need to face both personally and professionally. Dwelling on these fears enlarges them to a point where they are self consuming.

Live for today, not thinking and fearing what might never happen. Many times those fears turn out to be nothing at all. Often when you are worrying about something it is better to face it by taking the necessary action. It might be to give authentic and true feedback to your vendor, door knocking, or doing that listing presentation with a potential vendor who you feel may be difficult.

In your personal life perhaps you have to deliver a message of honesty to a family member, friend or colleague which you know isn't palatable. Do these things with honesty, integrity and with the best of intentions and you are not responsible for the reactions of the receiver.

Mostly you will find that nothing is as insurmountable as you might have thought.

In fact facing your "Lion" is usually nowhere near as bad as you anticipated. You will feel stronger and better equipped to face adversity next time! Go out  and face those things you feel uncomfortable about this week! Stand tall, be courageous and have a truly awesome week!

I would love to hear about your moments of courage this week if you have a moment to share them with me.

Have an awesome week being the best you can be.


This is a very quick note to let you know that Chris Gilmour & Glenn Twiddle from Brisbane are coming back and doing three great sessions:


Christchurch:  30th July 2013

Auckland:        31st July 2013

Wellington:    1st August 


And we have a great deal for you.

I KNOW they will have as much fun as last time, and more importantly, put a whole heap more listings in your hands. Well priced listings that is! With the right marketing too, and of course that’s going to lead to sales, and commissions for all who come along. 

What they were almost experimenting with a few years ago, they have now really perfected, and it’s become a system that when implemented accurately, CAN’T MISS at increasing the business of your folks.


So, for my  people only (yes, the other folks who come through the traditional advertising will not get this) Glenn is throwing something in. As you can imagine the insanely low price we are doing this training for, doesn’t allow for big discounts to offer, but I want to offer you something even better......

They did a masterclass session recently, where Glenn's clients put their biggest challenges to John McGrath, Mat Steinwede, Chris Gilmour and lil ole Glenn, and they spent the ENTIRE DAY, solving these people’s marketing, mindset, motivation and other sales based challenges. And the result was the most well received event in the history of their state. 

And you guys can have a copy FREE.  Simply click on www.realestatetrainingnz.co.nz 

Take an look and register early as this will sell out really quickly.


MAKE SURE YOU ENTER SALESCOACH in the promotion code check out box to get the FREE BONUS.


Then simply send your registration confirmation to ‘glenn@glenntwiddle.com.au’ with ‘SALESCOACH BONUS’ in the subject line, and you will be awarded a copy of this inner circle training day, with the best of the best in the industry, FREE. And yes, this sells everyday on my websites for $297. 

So be quick. register early for these sessions. Details at:  www.realestatetrainingnz.co.nz  

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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