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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 19th August 2013

Quote for the week: 

"Standing still is simply not possible. You are either moving forward or falling behind. And it's your choice as to which one you experience!"



One of the great aspects of our lives in this country is our freedom of choice.

This is something we treasure and it makes us who we are as a nation, as a person.

This applies in our business as well. If your business is growing, listings and sales are flowing in abundance, then to move forward we look to see how we can improve, do it more efficiently, with less effort etc. This is the Accelerator Action of the winners. IMPLEMENT SWIFTLY!

If your business is static, then it's moving backwards in comparison to anyone who is moving forward. Yes there are only two directions. Towards your goals or away from them. This is only the result of the choices you have made so far. You can easily assess your direction!

If your business is shrinking then you have some really big decisions to make.

For static and shrinking businesses there are some simple steps to take.

If you intend staying in the business then implement swiftly the things you have resisted. Only by making such a bold step can you move forward. If you resist any longer you may find the choice is removed.

The Winners know this secret and they continue to implement new strategies and tactics swiftly, to maintain and extend their advantage! To compete with any chance of real success you too, need to MAKE YOUR MOVE!

That's fantastic news! Success has no secrets anymore. Therefore it's available to all of us! Give it a go! Pick something that winners do and put it into ACTION.

If you are aleady a winner, implement that latest idea NOW! Hesitation is like moving backwards! Be magnificent again this week. 

Have an awesome week being the best you can be.

Have fun, make friends and money!

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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