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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 17th February 2014

Quote for the week:

"There is no "credit" account for rewards. You can't take rewards in advance.

They need to be earned, which means your time-off account is always in credit."

Ian Keightley


It's great to see so many of you back and really focused on creating your success.

It's too easy to get focused on the Listings and Sales you need to achieve your goals and ignore the things you really want.

I would like to think that your health, relationship, family and friends, holidays, fun and your long-term financial position, rate higher than just listings and sales.

Yes, we have to focus and sometimes the focus is so tunnel visioned we run the risk of ignoring what is really important? How about this week you set about being really focused on those key "dollar productive tasks" and when you have done them, REWARD yourself!

You deserve it.

You may achieve more by having many little rewards on the way to your goal, rather than blindly aiming for the big goal at the risk of losing everything else.

Have an awesome week!.  

What's on with Ian in coming weeks?


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Have an awesome week being the best you can be.

Have fun, make friends and money! ..

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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