Test your focus time

Hi [name]

These are the weeks that test your focus

Only three weeks until most take a well earned break with friends and family over Christmas & New Year.

We also recognise that in some summer hot spots our colleagues don't get that break  as this is their peak time.

The key for those looking forward to a break is to remember that:

"Your Head can't go on holiday until your body does!"

Let me explain:

When we know the holidays are coming along there's a risk our mind wanders, our focus eases and we start preparing for holiday mode.The trick is to recognise this temptation is there and then to reject it knowing your reward is comng.

Stay in work mode until your holiday starts. Your body has come to work so keep your head "at work" too.

Have an awesome week because you make it so.

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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