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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 20th October 2014

Quote for the week:

"Criticizing your competitors to your competitors clients, makes you look stupid and reinforces their loyalty to that competitor. Never be fearful of praising a great competitor. Grace is a great thing."

Ian Keightley


Isn't it funny - competitors who know you are doing really well and your clients know that, have the audacity to criticize, make stupid statements and then make fools of themselves in front of your loyal clients.
Let me explain:
1. Older realtor, many years in the business with a chapter of career changes after an illustrious career fell on hard times. Tells the market "I taught Ian all he knows." Many of my great clients and friends who have no respect for this gentleman simply laugh at him. So sad! He should have grace and truth and look at himself. That way he can prosper again.
2. Local competitor of my lovely wife Jacqui. Rings more than once her sole agency vendor saying he has buyers. Never rings Jacqui. Vendor has his number and thinks he is so unethical. Says he has $1, 000 000 buyer. When challenged by vendor suddenly the buyer has listed with one of his colleagues and he has to show his brand's listings first. Wow - he is a real classic. - give me a break. Clearly he's not very good at real estate or a bad liar. I note his sales performance is embarrassingly low. He should try "truth', it might help him.  When emailed to ask him where his buyers are he doesn't respond. A lack of courage me thinks. The market place talks and intelligent vendors see right through this nonsense. Have some grace!
3. Another competitor tells our good clients at an open home a week after their property sold for a record price, that we used to work with his brand and him and we learnt  all our skills from them. The arrogance is laughable, but once again I count his sales record and his results match his behaviour.
Why does he resort to such nonsense?
It has won him no respect from our clients/friends at all.  The market chatter works wonders - he should know that!
You see loyalty is a great thing and if you want to compete fairly, just tell the truth as that is always  respected.
So love your great competitors as one day you might need them.

Have a truly awesome week because you make it so.

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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