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"Things do not change. We change"

Henry David Thoreau



Sometimes when you haven't seen an old friend for a while you get a big surprise when you get to meet them again after a gap of several years. 


Recently I had a call from an old school friend who suggested we catch up. I hadn't seen Mike for about 20 years and last time I saw him he was about 150kg. I was not expecting to meet the "new" Mike - in fact I almost missed him because he had changed so much.


He was looking very fit and trim - said he now weighed about 73 kg. Mike told me he had run 2 marathons and was now working on his swimming and cycling and planning a triathlon.  When I last knew Mike, he hated walking - and now triathlons! 


Mike told me his story - high blood pressure, sore knees, mild heart attack - all the usual warnings and after seeing the likely path his then lifestyle was taking him, Mike decided to change.  On day 1 Mike walked to the 10th power pole from his letterbox and back again. After a week of this, he added a power pole a day until he was walking 10 km. He then started to jog the first 10 power poles and the last ten on his 10km walk. Each day he added another pole until he was jogging the whole 10 km. Mike had also changed his diet - not in one big turnaround - He started with healthy Monday's and over a period of 3 months added a day every two weeks until all 7 days were healthy.


When he started, Mike had no intention of running 1 marathon, let alone 2. In fact if Mike had thought then that he would be doing these things and now be this weight, he probably wouldn't have started at all.  Mike did however take the first step and then another, then another. Rather than making a wholesale change that was both physically and mentally impossible for Mike, he made small changes every day and the result is HUGE.


Business is a bit like that - this is a market that is demanding change - asking more of us - challenging our traditional activity and thinking. Changing everything all at once, could mean no business at all. Making small incremental changes every day may be the best way to make a huge difference. Take a look at your business and see what you can change today, no matter how small, and make another small change each day this week. Watch the changes compound for you. The risk is that if we don't see the change as big enough, we may make no change at all, when in reality, the sum of the small changes makes a huge difference. 


Start with this weekend!  Be excited about your upcoming open homes, buyer appointments and appraisals and the people you will meet.  Do those open homes then take an hour or two JUST for YOU, then focus on those you love and whom love you!


Have an awesome weekend because you make it so.


Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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