The Lion may only in your Imagination!


"An imagined fear, is only that, imagined!

Ian Keightley 

Yes face the lion!

We all have those moments where we have things we need to face both personally and professionally. Dwelling on these fears enlarges them to a point where they are self-consuming.

Live for today, not thinking and fearing what might never happen. Many times those fears turn out to be nothing at all.

Often when you are worrying about something it is better to face it by taking the necessary action. It might be to give authentic and true feedback to your vendor, door knocking, or doing that listing presentation with a potential vendor who you feel may be difficult. 

In your personal life perhaps you have to deliver a message of honesty to a family member, friend or colleague which you know isn't palatable. Do these things with honesty, integrity and with the best of intentions and you are not responsible for the reactions of the receiver. 

Mostly you will find that nothing is as insurmountable as you might have thought. 

In fact facing your "Lion" is usually nowhere near as bad as you anticipated.

You will feel stronger and better equipped to face adversity next time! Go out and face those things you feel uncomfortable about this week! Stand tall, be courageous and have a truly awesome week! 

I would love to hear about your moments of courage this week if you have a moment to share them with us.

Have an awesome week because you make it so.

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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