Touch your toes!

Hi [name]

With big changes in the market the calls for advice, assistance, extension, strategies and training have jumped hugely.

So I thought I'd add a few tips on a regular basis to see if there is an idea that resonates with you, that inspires you, that reminds you, that sets you back on course.

Today's thought is:

"Touch your toes"

Give it a try right now - go on!

If that was easy, good on you! Is your business easy too?

If the answer is YES, read no further!

If you couldn't touch your toes then each day spend just ONE minute stretching as you get closer and closer your your toes!  You will be amazed how quickly your stretch extends and some of you will reach your target!

You achieved because you stretched!

Is business easy and successful?

Would you like better sales/income?

Then let's do some business stretch!

A few more calls?

An Open Home Event instead of just another open home?

Improved Appraisals?

Better Marketing Packages?

New scripts & dialogues? Daily audio lessons?

Daily Planner?

Mindset - Attitude?

Adopt RESPONSES rather than REACTIONS?

Let's stretch something today!

A little stretching NOW will win you heaps as too many simply "cut-back" and shrink.

Invest in yourself, in your team and get better and better every day by stretching your thinking, your skills and your activity.

Have an awesome week because you make it so!


Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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