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Welcome to your Weekly Sales Tip from Salescoach for Monday 14th August 2006

Sometimes the truth is unpalatable, but still necessary.

Harry was in a bit of a state - his best friend had listed with him and like most vendors had high expectations of what the market would pay for his property.

Harry had not commented (avoided is probably the reality) on his friend's unrealistic expectations. In fact Harry's friend hadn't told him the truth about why he was selling. Yes his friend didn't want to upset Harry just yet as he was moving to Australia. He'd tell Harry later. He had already purchased in Australia and needed his Aucklandhome to sell pretty soon so he could settle the new pu rchase.

So both parties were hiding something.  Not a great way to create success.

Then Harry started to get feedback. His friend was expecting $850k and the feedback Harry was getting was in the mid 7's which was even less than Harry's expectations of high 7's.
Harry created a story in his mind that his friend would be most upset with the feedback and he would lose the listing.

Harry's friend was feeling the pressure. Harry was feeling the pressure.

Harry soon realised that he was going to let his friend down badly if he didn't tell him the truth about the feedback and potential market value. Harry was protecting his own emotions and yet creating more pressure for his friend by letting the friendship cloud his professionalism. He now realised he owed his friend the truth!

Plucking up courage he arranged to meet with his friend as he was concerned about no sale or offers. Collecting evidence and telling his friend how hard he found this, he told him the truth. Yes his friend was upset - not it turned out about the lower market feedback but about why it took Harry so long to tell him.  

The lesson could be:

No matter how unpalatable, no matter how much you story write the client's reaction in advance, the need to pass on the truth, good or bad, is still a reality.


There will always be a reaction but it need not be what you created.


Friends deserve as professional an approach as any client - don't let friendships cloud your ability to do the job superbly.

Quote for the week:

"Honesty pays, but it doesn't seem to pay enough to suit some people."

Kin Hubbard (1868-1930)

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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