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It’s February already and the market place is humming along.

I know this is a real estate story but I’m sure it has parallels in any business.

I came across a salesperson a couple of months ago, who was trying to manage about 5 Auction listings. And things weren’t going well.
He was in a muddle with his marketing and his vendor feedback was incomplete.

His income was down, his car was in need of repairs and his partner had gone back to work.

Things weren’t great but he’d been in the business six months and struggled, but heard that Auction would bring him faster success. But it was bringing stress and no income!

Why? He was a classic case of my theory of “Compounding Incompetence”.
He was trying a new strategy without having developed the skills to cover a more basic one. Most successful salespeople in the Auction market start off listing and selling Exclusive listings. They develop a success pattern based on focusing on key tasks and developing their skills.

Most tycoons start by washing cars or delivering newspapers before they are 12 years of age. They develop the patterns of “success”.

Yes they develop their skills then they aim higher.

To move forward without the sharpening of their skills will simply compound the problems when trying a new strategy.

Imagine a Brain Surgeon who hadn’t practiced on tonsils. Imagine a Grand Prix driver who hadn’t started in go-karts. Imagine a Space Engineer who hadn’t started with Lego.

His reason for trying Auction was clouded by self-doubt. Is real estate for me?
Will this work? Before succeeding you need to believe in yourself.

So we set out to change his thinking and his behaviours.

1.We had to make sure he believed that Auction was the right strategy for the clients he recommended it to. Once his belief in the product was right, he found it easier to sell and follow through on the key tasks. Then there was the issue of skill.

2. Firstly we rehearsed the skills that would have made his Exclusive Listing business successful. Having got these right we could add more advanced skills.

3. So we added on the special skills for Auction. And we practiced and practiced.

4. He was now “prepared’ and “ready” and could say, “I can do this”

If you don’t have the skills for your current tasks how can you succeed at the next level?

The message is simple.

Prepare yourself for success. It’s not something you can wait for, you’ve got to go and make it.

Enjoy great times

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Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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