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Salescoach - 10 More tips to Grow your Business

Every time we start a New Year there are New Visions set for the gaols we want to achieve and Resolutions made that we intend to make a difference with.

Then we get back to work! Then all the influences and past habits in that environment take over, and all too often we resort to the traits of the past.
Then we get the same results as last year or we let the market dictate the success level we’ll enjoy for the year.

If that sounds like you then it’s time to change things. Let’s look at 10 tips that have helped others have outstanding results– just select 3 this month and see what happens!

1. Plan and schedule your Perfect Day

Imagine a day where you get done those key things you had planned? Look at your job and list down the five key things you
need to do on a daily basis. The five things that really matter. The five things that will lead to sales success. Now make sure 90% of your working day is set aside for just those things. Don’t take on other tasks or allow other interruptions that will divert your focus on these key issues. Learn to say no, to shut the door, to answer that call later. It’s best to get these tasks done now, superbly, rather than carry them over because other people have an agenda other than yours. Set your plan in motion and stick to it. Always have your antenna ready to receive an opportunity that has greater importance. That’s what the 10% spare is for.

2. Go to work an Hour earlier 3 days a week.
Some days just go better when you get in an hour earlier. No phone calls to interrupt you, no negative colleagues wasting your time and energy. Get in by 7am when you are fresh and attack all those paperwork and non-people tasks. Get them out of the way so you can concentrate on talking with more people during the day, making more calls, more presentations, and more negotiations. Just clearing the decks of those overdue paperwork tasks gives you a greater focus and freedom to tackle your perfect day. Try this 3 days a week and watch your productivity grow.

3. Make a Daily List of the Top 10 people to call that day, and call them!
This is part of your Perfect Day. Whether they are past clients, employees, current clients, new prospects or your sphere of influence make it a habit to talk with 10 key people a day. These are the contacts that will influence your success next, after you. Yes you may want to make it 20 or 30 contacts a day but always make a commitment to 10 a day.

4. Eliminate negative people and attitudes from your work environment
This sounds easy but don’t they just follow you around. Well it can seem that way some days. You don’t need these people.
You can’t solve their problem. They are their problem. Avoid them like the plague. They will persist so calmly ask them how often they practise being like that because they have got very good at it. Be too busy to gossip or coffee with these wasters. Ask the boss why they keep them on. Make it their problem.

5. Only take phone calls at the times you have set down to take calls
Another part of your Perfect Day. When your timetable says prospect, then prospect. When it says paperwork then do it.
Modern technology is a great interrupter but it does take messages too. That’s so you can call them back later. Stick to your focus and get key tasks done. Call them back when it’s the right time.

6. Only check your e-mails 3 times a day Max
E-mail is just great for using up your day. Some recent surveys show a huge amount of time is wasted sending and replying to e-mails. In some cases over 20% of employees time can be spent on e-mail. That’s a huge productivity loss. Back and forth the messages go when a quick phone call or walk down the corridor might actually fix the issue in a human way. Then there are all the private e-mails including humour that tour offices wasting time. Check your e-mail 3 times a day, say 9.30am, 1.30pm and 4.30pm and reply then. If it was really urgent they would ring wouldn’t they

7. Increase frequency of contact with past clients to at least monthly.
Be in touch with your Business Clients more often. If they did business once they might do again. So increase the contact to a monthly cycle at least. Vary the contact from database letter, to phone call, face to face visit or function. But keep reminding them of who you are and what you do.

8. Increase frequency of contact to Advocates/Sphere of influence to 3 contacts a month
Now these are your Business Feeders.These are the people you just can’t afford to ignore. Who are your Advocates, the people who will refer you business? Now put these people on a monthly cycle as well but make sure they get 3 contacts a month.
Send them the same content as above, but then phone them and make a personal call. Keep reminding them of how you need their help and celebrate your successes with them

9. Get rid of your pager or other interrupting device
As I said above, technology is full of Interupters, and pagers are a classic. Don’t you just love it when you’re in a serious conversation with someone and an anonymous person can just interrupt? Treat your key tasks like a key client in your perfect day. Put all your messaging into voice mail and tackle it when it’s scheduled.

10. Be ready for work – more exercise, watch diet and some AFD’s.

Working at high productivity can take its toll. Prepare yourself for being at work in peak condition. This might mean a more active exercise programme. At least 3 times a week! It might mean changing your diet to maintain energy levels through the day without relying on caffeine and carbohydrate fixes. It might mean reducing alcohol intake by having at least 4 AFD’s (Alcohol Free Days) a week.

So there are 10 simple tips. Choose any 3 and make a commitment to create some new habits. Your goals and the passion you have for them will determine how focused and disciplined you will be in applying these simple principles. So have a go, make some changes to how you use your day and enjoy the success they can bring.


Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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