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Ten Tips to grow your Business and hold the precious things in your life together at the same time

When life becomes work they say you lose perspective on why you are doing the job.
Whilst we need to focus and put lots of energy into our work there is little point in being rich and lonely or sick. There is not much use in working hard to die on its completion.

So as we start a new year and set course to increase production and profit it’s wise to take stock of the need for balance in all things we do.

Focus on the habits and activity to be successful and then provide time and focus for the things that are precious to us – to enjoy the lifestyle we are working to create. So what can you do this year that is better or different to make both aspects of your life – work and what the work is for – better?

So let’s look at five tips for business and five for the rest of your life – the part you work to fund – and fund well!

Five Tips to Grow your Business:

1. Clarify your goals

and tell someone you trust, about them. Ask this person to check in on you and see that you are on course. Engage a coach if you have trouble staying focused. Maybe you need someone to just check your goals are valid and realistic. Why resist writing them down when everyone knows that goals written down arrive much sooner. Place them on a card by your morning mirror – place them on your screen saver on your computer –place count downs in your diary - 30 days until I order my new car, 60 days until my son’s 21st birthday etc.

2. Become an expert at something
People love dealing with experts so become an expert at something. What are you already good at? Now graduate and become the best in town at that. Once you are an expert people come to you for advice and refer people to you. The real benefit of being an expert though is the confidence it gives you. Competence creates confidence and when you are an expert you are always comfortable explaining the benefits and pitfalls in respect of that expertise, especially in overcoming objections.

3. Model your self on a winner

Winners have some special attributes that we need to study and emulate. Too often we use envy criticism – tall poppy syndrome – to cover our own lack of performance. The winners you know, have something special. Find out what it is and make it work for you. It could be: energy, focus, self-discipline, self -belief, high skill, a plan, a network, etc. Don’t do envy and avoidance – just do it like they do. Write down But I can’t then screw up the paper and put it in the bin. Throw it hard. Get rid of it. Now write I do!!!!! Not I will, but I do!!!

4. Adopt Technology
Yes people sell and buy off people but technology runs a more efficient business. Learn keyboard skills and adopt the tools available that your opposition are using for a strategic advantage. Digital cameras, virtual tours, internet, databases, mail-merges, bulk e-mails, CD rom presentations, video, customized presentations, palm devices, mobile internet and e-mail, direct line, DVD Presentations, e-mail brochures and CV’s, web sites, colour digital printing – B&W is showing its age now. Resist at your peril – resolve to make it a tool that works for you. Take lessons – get One on One computer tuition if you feel threatened.

5. Read Books and Listen to Tapes
Yes, but I have heard it all before you say. So have you achieved your goals? Are you ahead of budget? If not, maybe you need skills assistance and daily inspiration. Yes they cost money, so show your commitment or borrow them from your company library. If you can’t play them in your car get up 30 minutes earlier and invest some time in you. You could get your partner or children to get up too and you could all listen to them.

Five tips to make the lifestyle you want become a reality:

1. Take time each week for you
Sometimes it pays to just take some special time just for you. Be it a round of golf, a massage, a trip to the hairdressers or beauty clinic, a sit on a hill or alone on the beach, take time each week to reward you and reflect on what’s happened to date and to visualize the next actions and their rewards. You are allowed time for you – you can’t perform all the time. Take a regular day off and be more focused when at work. Turn off your phone – that’s what message services are for. Don’t go on holiday and work via your phone. Give it to someone to manage your business whilst you have a real holiday.

2. Make regular time for your partner and family
Yes we all mean well and these people are important – special – in our lives. So make time to make them special and share you with them. Make a list of special dates and put them in your diary with a 7 day and 1 day warning to remind you. Birthdays, anniversaries, special school dates etc. Date your partner once a week or month. Spend time with each child on a one to one basis.

3. Watch your diet, especially lunch
I see too many busy people using sugar, carbohydrates and caffeine to sustain them through the day. Prepare lunch in advance and take it with you. Make sure it contains plenty of protein and avoid those energy drinks – some have over 7 teaspoons of sugar per little can. Eat plenty of small meals and maintain energy all day, not in sugar and caffeine bursts. Hard work needs energy and a clear mind and a balanced diet will do that.

4. Exercise Regularly
There is time if you are serious, so not enough time is not an excuse really. It’s just that we haven’t come to terms with the consequences of a lack of exercise and the increase in weight that follows. It’s only an extra kilo a year you say. Compounding interest is great in the bank – compounding weight is not great anywhere. So walk, run, take on a challenge and adopt a new sport – a network will evolve as well – go to the gym etc. The energy benefits will help your business and stress management enormously.

5. Develop a new interest or redevelop something you have let slip
Too much time on one thing – especially work – can make you a dull conversationalist and talking is part of selling. Not only can another interest be a soother when under stress by focusing your mind elsewhere, it can give you something to look forward to each week. A new interest tackled and conquered reinforces your ability to tackle the tough moments and models to you the commitments and self-discipline and self-belief needed in your work times.

So how many of these ideas can you adopt? What will you do different this year? Sometimes it takes a single action to change a life. Look for your personal inspiration and make it a winner for you.

You are in control of the rest of your career and life so make your decisions wisely – if you haven’t started yet, pick a start date and make the changes you know you need to make. It’s always easier once you make the decision.

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Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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