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The holiday will be just what you need, however don’t miss the chance to make sure 2004 starts with a bang.

The calendar year starts to draw to a close and traditionally there is a tendency to start the wind down in business effort as we look forward to the summer break. In the resort towns the teams are gearing up for their peak season as this is when they get their turn to enjoy the prospecting efforts of recent months. For most real estate people though there is a break coming and a chance to refresh and relax after a great year. This break gives us a chance to both reflect on the past year’s efforts and to plan for the next.

What ever you do though make sure you stay at work until the work period ends. There is a tendency to let the mental focus wane as the holiday approaches.

Be sure you don’t mentally go on holiday until the holiday arrives.

In taking time to reflect on the past year consider how you might approach next year. Now is the time to plan ahead so that when you return to work in January you already have you game plan in place and can start productive work immediately. A failure to plan now could mean that you delay your production until you get your ducks in a row and your marketing programme waits for new material before you can launch it. The most productive sales people plan that now and perhaps its is a good time to suggest some strategies that will help launch the new year with an immediate start.

1. List now to launch in January. There is no better way to start the New Year than with a batch of new listings that are ready to market immediately you are back at work. So list now, prepare the marketing, book the press space, order the signs and brochures and have them ready to run on day 1. That way your profile and marketing plan are launch without delay and you prosper whilst other less motivated and organised agents wait for things to start to happen. There is no better prospecting in this market than large promotions of properties still for sale so avoid the temptation to sell before you launch these campaigns.

2. Consider your personal position from several angles and resolve to make the right changes where they are needed. Look not just at your business plan, but at those personal issues that need improvement. Is there a compelling reason that makes you want to perform at a higher level? Over the last year you may have set yourself some goals and whilst some have achieved them and more, others may have lost sight of them as they got caught up in the hustle of the business in such a buoyant market. Look at things you need or want to do and whilst you may want to avoid them until the more relaxed and fun times of New Year Resolutions on New Year’s Eve, it is more productive to look now so if you need to prepare any special marketing tools, they can be ordered before you go on holiday. That way there will be no delay on your return to work. Here are a few prompter s that may help trigger an idea for you:

Reduction of debt
Increase in investments
Save for a special event
Improve fitness and health
Better time management
Special Holiday
Children’s education
New Car
Lose weight
New home
Top 20
Special gift for a loved one
More money in less time (Get a PA)
Better ranking in the office

3. Look therefore at any changes in your current behaviour or time management that is required to meet these new objectives. In looking at the improvements or changes that you want consider if it is time to do a thorough Personal and Business Plan. If you have tried this before and it didn’t make a difference it may be time to find yourself a coach or mentor and make yourself accountable. This is a great way to propel yourself forward as your accountability to someone you respect can make a big difference to how you choose to use your time.

4. Identify a compelling reason to perform at a better level so you stretch your performance and try new ideas. There is nothing like a real sense of purpose and whilst the business plan mentioned above can list some goals and production targets, there is nothing like a really Compelling Reason to lift your game. So is their something you are really passionate about that means you have to resolve to make a difference to your business performance? Consider what it is that you are really passionate about and it excites you. This may be the catalyst that propels you to the next level and beyond.

5. Prepare a Marketing Plan for you that will launch the day your return to work. There is no point in returning to work and then starting to create a plan. Do it now, order what you need and have it in action for your return to work. It is often useful to break the year into more bite sized pieces so rather than planning for the whole year right now, perhaps it maybe a good idea to plan what you are doing from now until 31 March 2004. This can also give you a focus for any awards you might be aiming for your office or group. The menu need not be huge but you do need to multiple choices from consider the following:

Prepare a database mail out now and print and hold, ready for despatch a couple of days before retuning to work.

Resolve to phone all the people on your database with 28 days of returning to work.

Prepare a newsletter and have it printed ready for distribution before returning to the office.

Plan the mailing dates for items to go to whole database 3 times before 31 March.

If you work a geographic area, or farm, print a personal postcard (at least 10 000 the same) and plan your drop dates and blitz the area weekly until March 31.

Prepare at least 500 Just Listed cards for each of the listings you are planning to launch on your return and have them ready to blitz the surrounding areas in week 1 on your return.

Order at least one other promotional tool and distribute to both your database and geographic areas within 7 days of your return to work.

Set aside a time slot a day for every remaining business day in January to meet with one of your Advocates. These are the people who refer you business or are part of your professional affiliates network. Make sure they know you are back at work, referring to them and looking for the same in return.

Consider something really special and look at making a big splash in the market;

Big Auction day early February with 6 auctions (or more) all of your own.
Client Picnic Day
Investment Seminars
Sponsor a local event that you participate in
Get a Personal Assistant.
Major Office promotion with the team.

What ever you resolve to do better or different now is the time to plan. Leaving it until you return to work simply delays the impact and lets your competition get a head start. This is your year for the head start. Sop before you rest start to plan and prepare and go on holiday knowing that your business is ready to run on your return.

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Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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