Negotiation - The art of bringing all that work together

Salescoach - Negotiation - The art of bringing all that work together

Welcome to your Weekly Sales Tip from Salescoach for Monday Sept 4th 2006.

Negotiation - The art of bringing all that work together

We talked a few weeks ago about how an agent spent at least two weeks bringing a sale together. Let's look at a few other simple negotiating tools that might help.

  1. Each client has three positions. 
    What they would like to get/pay
    What they know they will get/pay if they have to
    Their bottom line if they absolutely have to.
  2. They all have issues that are non-negotiable and issues that are. Sort these out first.
    Deposit size
    Chattels etc
  3. Either party may have a hidden agenda so they won't reveal all their tactics at once.
  4. Wait for the other party to finish before responding with, "Is that it?"
  5. Do not concede ground unless you receive something in return.

    You can often find out a clients bottom line/top price by asking the following;

    What will you pay? So, what won't you pay?
    What will you take? So, what won't you take?

Neither answer may indicate their worst case yet, but they will give you an idea of what the bottom line might be.

The lesson is:

Negotiation is more about the questions you ask, than the first responses you get. Everyone has a point of concession. Everyone wants a little win.

Quote for the week:

"If you agree in haste, you may repent at leisure."

Negotiating Skills - by Tim Hindle 1998

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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