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I thought it was time I shared a few more of the observations I’m making as I travel around New Zealand.

Yes this has been a challenging year for many with the fees available to the market down somewhere near the 30% region.

In this market though there are those who have grown their businesses.

Firstly, there are those who have managed to keep most of their salespeople. These businesses have had very strong success cultures for some time and the owner has been at the forefront of driving quality standards.

They are innovative leaders, but possessing very high skill levels in both real estate practice and people management. They have high standards and have reinforced them as a marketing advantage during this year.

They and their people have increased their pace. Nowhere is this more evident than in Prospecting. Databases have grown.
Mail-outs are more frequent, usually monthly and the follow-up phone calls have been increased. There are now many working on a minimum of 30 calls a day and a few are on many more.

The tracking of clients has become an art form for these people. Whether it’s using a computer or a simple manual system these top people let no one fall through the cracks.

They also understand that in this market Vendors need greater preparation before accepting today’s new values in some markets.

They also understand the power of marketing. The growth in these salespeople’s ability to sell vendors additional marketing programmes is a vital part of their success.

They also understand the need to handle buyers with more agility than a couple of years ago. Some have a strategy of “A buyer a day in my car and 2 on Saturday’s”

Accountability has become a feature of their days. No longer satisfied with just being busy the top performers clearly understand the need to check that they spend their time productively. Accordingly I am seeing more and more of these people adopt a measurement strategy. That is they account for their time! Some even make appointments in their diaries for their Prospecting times, just to be certain they get it done.

As a result of working with some of these people we have developed a Kit called Salesmaker. This is based on our experience that many need to carry all their business with them.

This includes al the elements to track buyers, appraisals, listings in your Farm, your Database, Listing Presentation and the ability to sell additional marketing and of course draw up sales agreements.

The kit includes elements, which help vendors understand the changed marketplace.

If you’d like to know more just contact me and I'll happily share my ideas.


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Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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