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As I travel around the country I’m seeing a range of strategies being implemented that are bringing growth in today’s market place.

Yes there are salespeople and business owners who are not only coping, but also growing their businesses.


Those growing their business show the following trends:

1 Growing their Database and referral Network

2 Increased the frequency of mail outs

3 Making at least 10 phone calls a day with some doing over 30 a day. That’s Prospecting calls!!

4. Planning an IDEAL WEEK and sticking to it.

5. Planning a Prospecting Programme up to a Year in advance and investing in quality material.

6. Running comprehensive Contact Management Systems in PC’s or Laptops.

7. Tracking Buyers how we used to 20 years ago. Some even have a strategy of 1 a day in their car and 2 on Saturday’s.

8. Have learned how to discuss their “negative” market in a “positive“ way. They’ve learned scripts to help them get their clients to understand the opportunities presented by this “market correction”.

9. Accepted and learned the skills to help vendors who want to compete for the “best” buyers by investing in marketing for their properties.

10. Understand that Vendors need immediate feedback. It’s too late to discuss value after a few weeks of nil activity. By then it’s your fault! The best time to give feedback is in weeks 1 and 2 of a new listing.
Immediately after your colleagues have inspected and immediately after you sales meeting. Where appropriate the scripts could include: “Your property came up at the meeting and it’s not as we thought….”

Consequently Vendors are receiving more frequent feedback. It’s got to be done before the “first offer “ arrives.
11. Improved Negotiation Skills to cope with the price and offer differentials.

12. Become more disciplined in the use of their day. Real estate offices can be social environments. The ability to resist the distractions of non-focused colleagues is a crucial success element.

13. They have stopped making assumptions for their clients.
Client statements such as

“We’ll take no less then…” and “We’ll pay no more than…”,
are seen as the negotiating positions they are.
Keep negotiating all night if you have to and accept that some deals will possibly take longer to come together than we’ve been used to.

14. Continual Up-skilling. What may have worked a year ago isn’t now good enough. New techniques and strategies are a vital part of their success.


1. Very clear on their Business Plan

2. Great Recruitment Plan

3. Great Financial Management

4. Buying or Growing Rent Rolls

5. Gaining new skills a Trainers and Coaches

6. In the field doing presentations, listing Auctions and “Educating” Vendors.

7. My business has grown because some owners/managers accept they need some assistance in developing the new skills needed or simply have access to an “independent” ideas source.

8. Making sure their salespeople are engaging in increased amounts of dollar productive activity.

9. Many are using a trusted colleague or businessperson as a mentor so they receive challenges to their current direction.

The market has taken a lot of the blame this year but there are still some remarkable successes taking place.

I see too that one of my predictions of adding to the product mix has been taken up by Bayleys with launch of their Marine Brokerage.

Don’t lose sight of the need for a bit of fun in your business either.
Remember to have a social day with the team every few months.
The best managers are working their people hard but also making sure that there’s a day of social bedlam every now and then. Not only do you want good work habits, great resources and an element of competition in the team but you want to balance it with some relaxing social events too.

September and October have been very busy for me and November has only 4 spare days left.
I’m busy doing;
Business Plans
Auction Training
Vendor Marketing Training
Sales Training
Coaching Owners, Managers and Sales People.

If you want the next calendar year to start with a bang, now is the time to plan.

I regularly see people wait until January to plan and February and March to launch. They don’t se the benefits until April/May when over one third of the year has passed.

So Plan now for your growth in 2001.

If I can help in any way with any of the above don’t hesitate to call. I’m always happy to discuss any of the above thoughts without any obligation.

Have great times

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Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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