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Hello again from Ian at Salescoach

This is my last comment on the comings and going of the market for this year.
Though I reserve the right though to come back to you should I see something of importance happening.

The last few weeks have been really fascinating.

One of my clients, John has been looking forward to his Christmas break. Like many he was having a tough year. The first part of the year was one of questioning his decision and commitment to stay in the business.

His income was down, his expenses were up and his market was down about 25%.
Then John saw the need to take counsel on his dilemma. He called me!
John and I talked long and hard about the wisdom of his decision to hang in if he didn’t change his activity.

John’s real strengths were his experience (A 5 year commitment) and a large sphere of contacts from those five years of transactions.

John had been used to the business coming to him in the good times and he didn’t understand that the fall in market activity was magnified by the increase in activity of some of his best competitors.

Whilst John had this large sphere of contacts he was not managing the relationships with these past and future clients.

Always awaiting new business, John was seeing his active client numbers fall.

John’s shift in thinking came about when he happened to meet a past client at the petrol station. The client was apologetic to the point of embarrassment. Yes he had sold and bought again through some one else but thought John was out of the business.

John’s anger was generated by his realization that he had allowed the relationship to break down. We harnessed this reaction into a plan of action.

The first part of the plan was to help John harness his time and to make sure he was spending his days on dollar productive tasks. We had to manage his change in habits – not waiting for the business to come, but to actually go out and generate it.

The second part was to make sure no more clients went wandering.

Propelled by the event John recorded all his contacts into a computer database of over 400 and set out to remind them that he was still in the business, loving it, successful and looking for more.

From 400 plus letters and over 300 follow up phone calls John got only 3 listings and one sale for his first mail out.

Not a bad month for someone thinking of leaving the business.

In his second month, this programme, generated 4 new listings and 2 sales.

Six months on John now has 15 listings, made 4 list and sells last month and has moved up the achievers list in his company. His current active file is growing daily and future business prospects look great.

All through NZ there are similar stories of people who have generated more sales by controlling and measuring their activity. Such as a client who runs a new and growing branch. Set a new record for sales last month. We all know that success makes more success. By the 8th of this month they have already set a new record month.

It’s happening. The business is out there.

John like many though has seen the coming holiday period as a chance to ease off and plan to start again when he returns from holiday.
John has sensed a recent lift in market activity and has talked of easing back in the activity programme.

After meeting again we have got John committed to actually lifting activity NOW.
As a client said last week, “Now is not the time to lose one’s nerve.”
Remember the saying, “The first part of failure is declaring victory too soon.”

Now is the time to really make that extra effort to remind all your contacts of your skills and to make sure you are prepared to launch in the New Year before you go on any holidays you might have planned.

So John is busy listing Auctions to launch mid January.

He is preparing his January database letter now so it goes out the day before he starts again in the NewYear.

No matter what market or business you are in, now is the time to do the opposite of what people expect. Now is the time to turn up the heat. Some of your competitors are trying harder too, and any let up in your effort right now might make it easier for them to take business off you. Plan the post Christmas strategies now and get everything ready before you take a break. Don’t leave any gaps for your competitors to seize some of your business.

I am here to help should you want to know more.

Call me on 09 630 1945 or 025 968 108 or e-mail me:

All the best for a superb business month.
Have a wonderful Christmas season, both in business and personally.
May your energy be renewed and your plans for next year provide the basis for the achievement of new heights in your business success.

All the very very best

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Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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