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1 More Intensive Client Tracking
There is a move now to more intense follow up. In Real Estate Sales people and the offices are finally tracking all Appraisals, Withdrawn, and expireds and instituting a strict follow up programme.

2 Real Estate focused a lot of its Training on handling Vendors and in some ways failed to educate sales people in the skills of tracking and closing buyers, In this market of lower sales volume the buyer has become a much more important commodity. Treat these good buyers like gold. Remember too that when prices ease it’s the best time to trade up.

3 When deals are out there remember the buyer might move to the next highest level. I hear sales people often saying now that their buyer spent more than they had indicated they would. Right now in Real Estate, if you spend a little more to get into the next bracket you can probably buy the house that was previously 2 price brackets away. So don’t be afraid of selling up a level. Point out to the buyer why you are showing them this more expensive property and let the house be the best thing they’ve seen.

4 Tracking of Prospects
who use a competitor. More and more sales people are identifying who is using a competitor and tracking when the agency or contract expires.

5 Activation of Databases.
It’s simply staggering, the number of businesses who do not maintain a database of past clients and future prospects. What’s even more astounding is the number who have a database but do nothing with it. The opportunity to revisit past clients, to seek referrals and track new prospects that are overlooked is mind-blowing. Get your personal and company database into action. It’s a goldmine of business opportunities. Work out how to edit and check all the decision makers are correctly identified (That’s a phone call that might get some business), and then develop a plan for the year to maintain contact. Hold client functions for your Business favourites, develop a company newsletter, special offers etc. the key is in the follow up. Phone them up after each mail out. Have a mindset of taking one of three actions.
Get an appointment
Database for follow up
Delete them

But have a monthly/weekly budget for new prospects!

6 Hang on to those Listings that matter

For Real Estate Salespeople it’s important to realize that as listings are taking longer to sell you will need to hang on to them longer. Indeed the 90 Agency period is just not long enough in some markets. Statistically it is unlikely that all your listings are

the most motivated and most keenly priced, so you’ll need longer to get them sold. It is just as important to check you are not working properties that just won’t well in this market. Sure the market will turn again but watch the time you spend in homes that are owned by vendors whose motivations are insufficient to cope with the new market levels.

7 Fast or last

Recently a client admitted going to sleep on a deal and the next morning they learnt a very valuable lesson. If the price is right, if the deal is good there will be competition even in this market. The deal was missed and what’s worse that buyer has now bought elsewhere. I have been talking about Pace and urgency for some time now. The market might have slowed but the movers and shakers have picked up the pace. So Fast or Last is the deal today.


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Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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