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Distributed Oct 2000

Inspirations from the Olympics

Its just awe inspiring to watch these feats of speed, skill, endurance and courage as television brings the Olympics into our homes.

And it’s easy to celebrate with the winners, seeing the sheer emotion and delight, in the exuberance of their win. All that effort and commitment was really worth it.

It’s easy too to feel the sadness of defeat of all those who failed to win the gold.

But they were there. They were in the game. They had made the sacrifices of time, money and sheer effort to be at the Olympics.

Isn’t it remarkable that after all that hard work and effort, even though they haven’t won, many of them will be back?

They’ll be back with new skills, new strategies and new commitment.

Their vision of being the Olympic Champion is enough to get them to change their strategy and to learn new skills and techniques.

It is so easy for the non-participants to be critical. To knock those whose efforts didn’t bring them victory. But what about all the Personal Bests? Yes even those people are coming back next time to do even better.

So how are you going this year?

Is it a “Personal Best” year for you?

We all know that the market is a different place to a couple of years ago. So why are so many people still trying to do it how they did it then? Using the same material and techniques?

Over the last year or so I’ve worked with many people who have wanted to grow their business in this market. One client last week made 6 presentations in 2 days for 3 Auctions and 2 Exclusives. Awesome results in a very competitive market place.

Looking to help these people compete at new levels we have developed some new material, especially to help at Listing Presentation time to show vendors how the market place has change.

As a consequence we have a pretty good idea of what’s working in the market today.

1. The need to Prospect has intensified so much that simple tracking and accountability programmes are a must.
2. The need to get a profile advantage and the growing expanse of marketing costs have made the ability to “sell” Vendor Marketing Programmes a necessity.

3. The need to motivate buyers into action has made Auction a necessary and growing part of your armoury.

4. The changed pricing direction of the market has meant new strategies for Listing Presentations and Price and Marketing reviews during the agency term.

5. When the market slows we have to get busier. If you used to talk to 10 people a day, then today you’ve got to talk to 20, and so on. Pace and Urgency are 2 key words in today’s market.

6. Managing Your Sales Team with the training and coaching skills you need.
How to counsel and coach, train and motivate a highly productive team.

Between now and Christmas I have a few days spare to run sessions in your office, or group of offices, on any of the above areas.

It’s been hard this year for many in real estate so we have decided to make a special offer between now and Christmas of $1850 (GST INC) per day for any of the above courses. The number of people attending doesn’t matter so I’m happy for you to get together with others in your group.

The Personal Coaching remains very popular and is still available from $295 per month.

If you have any special requirements just e-mail me or give me a call.

Tip for the week:

“Go back to all those offers you thought were dead and see what’s happened to both the buyers and the sellers. There’s a deal there somewhere.”

“A buyer a day in your car, and 2 on Saturdays”

Have a great week



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Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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